Okay, so this might be the short version. I don’t know whether it’s my router or just the fact that I live in an apartment that’s loaded to capacity, but I lost internet for a couple of hours again this morning, this time while writing this challenge, except I was doing it in the field of the blog itself, which didn’t auto-save like Google Docs would.

Anyway, enough of my muggle problems. This challenge, because I’m ever so grown-up, is called Patronus Size Matters.

For the purposes of this challenge, you kids are all just learning about Patronuses (Patroni?). Like any good stupid teenager, curiosity has gotten the best of you, and you’re all whipping out your Patronuses to see whose is biggest. And, given the spirit of competitiveness among the houses, someone has devised a game to prove whose Patronuses are the most impressive.


Now I’m at work, and it’s hours later because the only other guy in my department has jury duty. How did he not know this early enough to cover his shift? Guys, I might actually hate this department sometimes.

AAAAAAnyway, your first order of business will be to delegate Patronus power. You have 45 points to delegate between the six of you (Hufflepuff, you must sit out someone who hasn’t sat out yet. Gryffindor, you will be given Dean Thomas, who will be controlled by any of the five of you remaining). Each person must have at least a power of 1, and no person can have a power above 30. This is probably obvious, but if a player is needed to move, only that player can send in a move, so take that into account.

This does have some similarities to our game “Red Rover,” though you will simply be taking out individuals, and not links between them. As for the rest of the rules, I’ll let you know tonight when all the values are sent to me.

Just one person can send in their team’s values. I need them by 9pm Central. It’s fine if you change your minds, but only the first person to submit can override the original values.

Now let’s all say some nice spells about my home internet.