Off to the cabin tomorrow, so the next challenge will be a while away unless I find out I have service there for some reason (I won’t).

Vote One: Susan Bones.

Vote Two: Zacharias Smith.

Vote Three: Zacharias.

Vote Four: Zacharias.

Vote Five: Zacharias.

Vote Six: Zacharias.

Vote Seven: Zacharias. “May I add that, since he now decided to lose the invisibility cloak, I wish to remove my malignant tumor named Zach?”

Elimination Five from Potterverse Survivor: Jesse “Zacharias Smith” Vance

Today got weird out of nowhere. Naturally, I wasn’t paying much attention and missed it in real time. Oh well.

For those of you coming up to the cabin this week (or weekend), I’m psyched to see you. If you haven’t already committed to showing up, you still can. Let me know if you need the address. Okay, time to celebrate being 39, or some such.