This is the story so far.

Day One Results

Gryffindor has 20 more seeker points than Slytherin, though Slytherin has a commanding lead on points so far, 100-30. No beaters were used in this match on this round.

Hufflepuff has the lead over Ravenclaw 70-30, but are down by a very large 50-point margin in seeker points, so we can only imagine Cho chasing down the Snitch as we speak. Cedric, the eternally beaten-up bastard, was knocked from his broom by a bludger, erasing his seeker points for the round. There’s a question mark after Hufflepuff’s beater points because they didn’t actually specify who they were targeting.

Day Two Results

Hufflepuff scored goals all day long, running their score up by 200 points. However, Ravenclaw reached the exact same final score of 270 while also catching the Golden Snitch, and they have therefore won the match! Hufflepuff will be voting. They aren’t required to do so until after the Gryffindor-Slytherin match ends, of course.

In that match, Slytherin held their lead, now 130-80, while also taking a slim lead in chaser points due to a big move with their beaters. This one could go the distance, gang.

Day Three Results

Gryffindor and Slytherin did damn-near identical moves, but Gryffindor set higher beater points and took a 40-point seeker lead while the score remains 130-80 Slytherin. This could have ended today in a couple of ways, but it looks like y’all will be white-knuckling it again.

Next move due at the same time tomorrow.