How about Hufflepuff first? Okay then.

Vote One: Gabriel Truman (missed vote)

Vote Two: Gabriel.

Vote Three: Gabriel.

Vote Four: Gabriel.

Vote Five: Gabriel.

Vote Six: Gabriel. “Twas a shame we couldn’t pull off that Quidditch victory.”

Sixth Elimination from Potterverse Survivor: Michael “Gabriel Truman” Deighton

I guess he got into some other games and forgot to look back at this one. After all, you can never play too much of 21 Flags or “Name the Survivor in this Picture.”

Slytherin voted too, gang!

Vote One: Gregory Goyle.

Vote Two: Pansy Parkinson.

Vote Three: Pansy.

Vote Four: Pansy.

Vote Five: Pansy. “You seem nice but you’re never here.”

Vote Six: Pansy. “Sorry Pansy, we fought hard to not get rid of anyone. Wish we had gotten the chance to get to know you better!”

Seventh Elimination from Potterverse Survivor: Rene “Pansy Parkinson” Pare

Rene has been much more active than this in the past, so we’ll give her a mulligan this time.

The 21 of you remaining will get a challenge soon. Cheers, students.