Who likes points? Everyone! In the first couple of books, Gryffindor comes from behind to win the house cup, which is an award given to the house that amasses the most (somewhat arbitrarily given) points throughout the course of the year. I remember thinking “Ugh, fast forward to the part where Gryffindor wins and nothing bad happens to anyone.” I…didn’t foresee the dark changes that were afoot.

Anyway, who likes politics? Everyone! In my last Big Brother game, I ran a challenge based on the Electoral College. This is similar, except for the fact that you’re stumping for points by brown-nosing the staff. Each house will have five thousand points to use to try to win the offered points from each staff member, who are worth various amounts of points.

Cuthbert Binns (10)
Charity Burbage (5)
Alecto and Amycus Carrow (10)
Albus Dumbledore (50)
Argus Filch (5)
Firenze (10)
Filius Flitwick (25; double if won by Ravenclaw)
Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank (5)
Rubeus Hagrid (10)
Rolanda Hooch (10)
Silvanus Kettleburn (5)
Gilderoy Lockhart (5; 25 if won by at least 200 points, as he is open to brown-nosing)
Remus Lupin (15)
Minerva McGonagall (25; double if won by Gryffindor)
Alastor Moody (15)
Irma Prince (5)
Poppy Pomfrey (10)
Quirinus Quirrell (10)
Aurora Sinistra (5)
Horace Slughorn (15)
Severus Snape (25; double if won by Slytherin)
Pomona Sprout (25; double if won by Hufflepuff)
Sybil Trelawney (15)
Dolores Umbridge (0)
Septima Vector (5)

Full integers only. You cannot put two-and-a-third points on a staff member, for instance.

If there are ties, the tied houses will split the award from that staff member. If there’s a tie on a house head, and it’s won by the house that the house head…heads, then he or she will be the sole property of that house.

The house with the fewest points will have to vote someone out.

This is a one-submission challenge due Monday night at 9pm Central. Any member of the house can send a list, but only that house member can override the list if you want to make changes. Once the last house submits, entries are final even if we haven’t reached the deadline.

Cheers, Students.