Who has two thumbs and is currently obsessed with single-submission math challenges? Dumbledore, that’s who!

For this challenge, all twenty of you will be fighting the mountain troll in the bathroom (except whichever Ravenclaw decides to sit out. Also, plus Seamus Finnigan for Gryffindor, controlled by whichever person they want).

You each (as individuals, not teams; you must each submit your own number) have the time to wand-strike the troll up to 10,000 times, which is oddly specific, but I guess that’s how much time you have. The lot of you are definitely going to beat the troll, but only one house will be hailed as the conquerors.

The troll doesn’t much like being attacked, so he’s going to wipe out the ten biggest contributors to his demise. So if ten of you bizarrely decide to attack 10,000 times each, then you will all be knocked out by the troll.

The ten “remaining” players are assumed to finish off the troll. The winning house will be the one that has the largest total contribution from the ten of you who “survive” the battle with the troll. For instance, if all five members of Slytherin survive the onslaught but their survivor attacks total a smaller contribution than all other participating houses, they will be the house to vote someone out.

You have until tomorrow night (Thursday) night at 9pm Central to get all submissions to me. Cheers, Students.