Okay, wieners. Did you know a single customer can keep me over half an hour late getting home from a closing shift if he’s annoying enough? I did!

We’ll start with Ravenclaw.

Vote One: Marcus Belby. “Because he’s not me.”

Vote Two: Michael Corner.

Vote Three: Michael.

Vote Four: Michael. “It was a hard decision, as Ravenclaw is full of awesome wizards.”

Vote Five: Michael. “No one puts Michael in a Corner. Except me. I did it right now.”

Vote Six: Michael. “Professor Dumbledore, I’ll be asking that you dismiss Michael Corner. I envision Michael walking over to his Lamborghini Centenario, donning his Gucci sunglasses and giving us all a head nod as he drops into the driver’s seat and cruises away.”

This one was interesting to watch, gang.

Ninth Elimination from Potterverse Survivor: Colin “Michael Corner” Wolfson

All the Colins are gone! (Okay, no promises. For all you know, there are seven more Colins, and we’ve only lost the regulars)

If that blindside wasn’t really your thing, let’s do a simple nonsub vote. Hufflepuff, do your thing:

Vote One: Hannah Abbott (nonsub self-vote)

Vote Two: Ernie Macmillan.

Vote Three: Justin Finch-Fletchley.

Vote Four: Ernie.

Vote Five: Ernie. “Hannah shows much more interest in the game, and has been fighting to stay. The non-wizarding world can get in the way sometimes (although I don’t know specifics), it happens.”

What have we here? MOAR BLINDSIDING

Tenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XX: Joseph “Ernie Macmillan” Rakstad

This was even more fun to watch, which should be obvious from the voting breakdown. Though I’m a little heartbroken that Joe Rakstad constantly gets blindsided before his time just by constantly seeming to be in the wrong place.

A staggering number of you have requested a light game weekend, so with my long, stupid split shift tomorrow, I may not post until the next day. Even if I get it up (wooooo) in the middle of the day, there will definitely be no deadlines until at least Sunday night.

Cheers, Students.