Once upon a time, I said there would probably be some kind of creative challenge in this season. I actually considered several, but I’m not sold on most of them completely.

However, I’m more than happy to run one of my usual favorites…the Create-a-Challenge.

Your task – individually – is to create a challenge that I could run for this season. I’m always looking for something fun and not a complete bear to run (although I’ve made exceptions in the past), and this season will also obviously expect the challenge to be related to the Potterverse. The deeper you go into the mythology, the more likely the challenge is to catch my eye; although this will be won by the challenge I like best as a challenge, part of that is going to be presentation. Daniel Caouette’s “Battle Cats” is a better-than-average challenge, but it’s become a staple of this type of season partially because it’s fun to read. If two challenges are strategic equals in my mind, favor will always go to the one that’s more engaging.

Although each of you are on the hook to do this, you’re obviously welcome to talk to others. You cannot write another person’s challenge for them, but giving them some insight into what I love and hate is only fair, since the (somewhat numerous) new players have no frame of reference.

In addition to getting the highest score, the #1 choice will actually be run. If these are as clever as usual, I’ll more than likely run three to five of them.

If the number of players for the challenge is important, say so. I will give no more or less consideration to a final challenge than I will to a merge challenge, but I should know so your challenge is easier to visualize.

I will be giving each individual a number of points on a forced curve after putting the challenges in order from my favorite to least. Scores will be:


The losing team will be the one that has the lowest average score per person, even if the lowest-scoring team has the highest-scoring individual (which mathematically might be just about impossible).

Nonsubs will score a negative five, and will self-vote when the team goes to tribal. Any team with a nonsub will vote, and if any team has 100% participation but loses to a nonsub-having house, they too will vote.

These will be due Monday night at 8pm Central to give you a little time to think and also preserve our weekend for the several of you who were going to be out and about. Judging will take a while, particularly if several challenges show up late. Note the due time at 8, not 9, since I work early the next day and will be attempting not to stay up all night.

Please email these to me at foreverunchanged@gmail.com with a clear header. I will be dropping them into a folder immediately so my wife can gather them and I can read them anonymously, as I much prefer to do so I can simply judge the challenge and not judge people against what I think they’re capable of.

Cheers, Students. If you have any pointed questions about my process or whatever, Dumbledore remains at your service.