Lots to cover here. This is fairly complicated. Padma, where did you learn that shit?

The fun part first: three elves were liberated. Two were female-types, good for breaking ties, and one was a vaunted two-point gold elf. Two elves did not receive any bids, and one of these was a gold elf, who is beyond depressed as we speak. Borgger was also liberated by a single article of clothing, and has netted three points for the house that liberated him. Sorry if that was anticlimactic.

Logistics second: Every single green elf is up for grabs tomorrow. Anyone can bid on the elves that are not completely owned, but they are won by individuals, not houses. You must be the one who offers the most for the elf in order to free him or her. If there’s a tie for clothing points, the elf will remain frozen in indecision and will not be liberated at all.

The unfortunate part last: Draco was a nonsub, so no matter what happens over the rest of this challenge, Slytherin will be voting. Tomorrow, Slytherin players other than Draco will still send their moves because I’m trying to defend the integrity of what is a very good challenge, and allow those in Slytherin to finish out their planned challenge-wide strategy. If any teams finish below Slytherin in liberation points, then the lowest-scoring house will also vote. If Slytherin ends up in last, they will be the sole voting house. If they tie with anyone, the other house automatically wins the tie because of the nonsub.

If anyone else nonsubs tomorrow, nonsub rules still apply.

Getting our clothes off shouldn’t be such a somber event, though. Have fun in there, gang, and I’ll see you tomorrow at the same time.