As of now, we have seventeen writers:

Shawn Ashley
Annette Barron
Dean Carlson
Michelle Coulter
Tyler Coulter
Melissa David
Rian Kumlien
Joshua Longman
Jared Mitchell
Matt Novak
Christina Pepper
Jonathon Pope
Shelbi Sarver
Sama Smith
Ashton Stansel
erik sunshine
Colin Woolston
Sarah Wreisner

Look at all those damn former winners and get excited, gang. Or terrified, whatever.

I found during the last Survivor challenge that I was really into reading stuff right now, so I’ll run this one. I need at least one and preferably two other judges, and if anyone else is interested in writing, now is the time to let me know.

By popular demand:
1) Short word limits. We won’t eclipse 1000 (until maybe the playoffs) and will probably rotate 1000 with 500. If we go on and enough people feel stifled by this, we’ll reassess.
2) No Saturday deadlines. I rarely if ever do them, but it was a specific request this time, so if I forget, remind me.

I plan to do either one or two deadlines a week, and am open to suggestion. Either way, the regular season will be the usual twelve challenges, and number of playoff writers will be dictated by number of writers total. As it stands now, I’d probably go with four, but if we get up to 15-16 I’ll jump to six. Many of you don’t even really care about that aspect, but logistics must be covered.

I don’t know the theme yet, but I have like 3456234 messages from Novak in my inbox about possible themes, so I’m confident we can find one there.

If you know anyone who writes but has never done so here, I love reading new writers. I’d probably cap the season at 18-20 people, even with the short limits, because gathering for three judges (and preparing the final post) is a fairly long process.

Also, if you want things to move quickly during judging, strongly consider avoiding Microsoft Word, which doesn’t work well with what I use. I’d prefer Google Docs, or even typing directly in the body of the email. PDFs are even worse, as I can’t copy and paste them into a judging document.

That should be it for now. Depending on the response to this post, I could see us getting started in under a week. Cheers, Prosers.