Anyone else need a beer after this voting period? I’m three deep, thankfully. Stone Xocoveza, folks. It’s expensive as f*&k, but it’s seasonal and it’s worth it and OMG DRINK IT YOU BITCHES

…seriously, though. Thank you all for this exciting vote.

If anyone would like to play a Hidden Immunity Idol, now would be the time to do so.

Bodies shift. So do wands. Was that vaguely sexual? It was supposed to be. If it wasn’t overt enough for you, I’ll be sure to make it worse next time. Anyway, nobody plays an idol.

Vote One: Hannah Abbott.

Vote Two: Hannah Abbott.

Vote Three: Neville Longbottom.

Vote Four: Neville Longbottom.

Vote Five: Susan Bones.

Vote Six: Susan Bones.

Vote Seven: Neville.

Vote Eight: Neville.

Vote Nine: Susan.

Vote Ten: Susan.

Vote Eleven: Susan.

Vote Twelve: Neville. “Go find your toad brah.”

Five votes Neville, five votes Susan, two votes Hannah, three votes left.

Vote Thirteen: Susan.

Vote Fourteen: Susan.

Vote Fifteen: Susan. “This vote is more messed up than Umbridge’s brown hole after removing the stick. I can’t watch anymore. Tell me when it’s over.”

Fourteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XX: Jamie “Susan Bones” Frost

Damn, baby. This was a great time. Jamie, the runner-up in my most recent Big Brother game, had a roller coaster ride this season and this result is sure to get a lot of people thinking.

Just in case you haven’t been tense enough all day, I’m going to make it worse. You’re welcome!

There’s at least one idol out there. There’s more than zero, and fewer than four. This one, however, will be the last one offered unless nobody takes it, in which case it will be hidden in a different manner.

This one isn’t even hidden! All you’ve got to do is something that’s probably pretty stupid. If you want to put in a claim for this idol, just tell me so before tomorrow at 9pm Central. If you don’t, then tell me that, too, because if I get all responses early (which is super likely to happen, har har) I’ll get after it.

If at least one person wants the idol, then someone will get it. However, if you get it, there will be a letter of the alphabet that you may never type in Diplochat. You could luck out and never be able to type the letter “X,” but it could also be “E,” so you would be screwed royally.

Here’s how it’ll work: for everyone who makes a claim, I will use to get a letter for them. The person that gets the hardest letter, according to this list I found online, will be given the idol but will never be able to type that letter:

e t a o i n s r h l d c u m f p g w y b v k x j q z

So, if three people claim, and the letters come up F, B and Z, then the person who got F will get the idol but can never speak the letter F (there is one exception, which is when you say the character names of players. Otherwise, it’s forbidden). Or one of you could get supremely unlucky and never be allowed to speak the letter E.

If you get the idol, it will be good until the final four, at which point it would expire. If you play the idol before that, the speech impediment will go away. However, to make this truly worrisome for someone, even if the next tribal council happens in just a couple of days and you use the idol immediately, you are STILL on the hook not to speak the letter for seven days at the very minimum.

For those of you who know Jake Elliott, you’re free to ask him whether or not you should take a cursed idol. I’m sure he has advice to give the the the lot of you. Anyway, I think this may actually be a bit of a reprieve after the insanity of the last vote, so enjoy the break, if you can call it that.

New challenge tomorrow night. I’m leaning toward Daphne’s Celaverimus Potion thingy, with a few amendments to break ties, but we’ll see. Tomorrow night I pick my wife up from the airport, so I don’t know how timing will work out.

Anyway, to those of you who made the top half – well done! To those of you who are Jamie, well hell, I loved watching you navigate Hufflepuff, and hope you keep sticking around.

EDIT: How did I miss this? If you take the idol and say the letter, you are IMMEDIATELY eliminated.

Cheers, Students.