(So, I had this grand idea – and beyond self-serving, of course – to do a Hearts-style card game challenge where you were also bidding with shillings and pence. It would all naturally be leading up to a wink-wink paragraph with the finale, “After all, in this type of hand, you certainly don’t want trump and it’s not worth your while to have pence.”

So…just admit it was awesome, and we’ll move on with an unrelated game)

Longtime players will probably know the challenge “Lights Out,” where each player is trying to become the first to step toward a finish line while not taking any steps with the lights on. The way I built it, I’m fairly sure nobody has ever reached the finish line, so it’s always been decided by who has the lights flipped on them last. So, we’re gonna see if mildly different rules lead us to the same result. Not that we’ll know, of course, since this is only a sample size of one and this is the looniest post-merge game I’ve ever seen at this point, but just play along and get excited, if you would.

Of all the things in the Potter books, I think the one thing I’d use most is the Invisibility Cloak. I wouldn’t be too naughty with it. I’d probably use it primarily to steal gummy worms. Kids, though, would probably make huge mistakes with it, like intentionally creeping past Filch for the hell of it while trying to screw with one another.

You are all trying to take twelve steps. I usually make a crack about alcoholism here, but the two days before last were pretty drinky for me, so I’ll let it go. (At this point, I assume you’re thinking: damn, Dumbledore, MAKE WITH THE CHALLENGE. I’m sorry, gang. I’ve just been really bored and need an audience)

On each turn, you are allowed to take as many as three steps, but you can also take zero (and MUST tell me so to avoid non-subbing). You must also try to remove the cloak of another player, and you will be successful if you name how many steps he or she took. So, you can say “I take three steps, and my attempt to remove is Harry-3.” So if Harry moves three on this move, he would be eliminated from the challenge.

You cannot attempt to remove a cloak on zero. If you bid on someone it must be 1, 2 or 3.

If you elect not to move (and even if you do, you still attempt to remove a cloak), two major things are possible.

1) If you stay put and nobody attempts to remove your cloak, you are considered to be paralyzed with fear, and are out of the challenge.
2) If you stay put and there were bids on all three of your possible moves, you outfox everyone who bid on you, and they are all eliminated.

The object is to be one of the first two people who reach the end. If there are ties, the tiebreaker will be number of people you eliminated on the way. If all but two people are left but they haven’t reached the end, they will both be declared immune.

The first move is due tonight at 10pm Central. Friday night at we’ll have a deadline at 6pm Central, but another will be due at 10. I don’t know what to expect as far as the time this will take, so I’m planning for a lot of moves just in case.

Cheers, Students.