It kind of blows my mind that I haven’t done a challenge based on these things yet, but here we are.

Do you like challenges where you have the opportunity to taste vomit? Of course you do! Hey, it can’t be any worse than math-based challenges, right?

Anyway, let’s get right to the point. You each have nine flavor beans in your possession and you will hand one each to every player left in the game. For this challenge, I need you to email your submissions. Everyone has to send in the same way so I know the order.

On this spreadsheet, you’ll see nine different colors. You have one bean of each color. You decide, however, whether you have the positive (on the left) or negative flavor for each color.

So, if you want, you can give negative versions to each person. You’ll just need to tell me which person gets which flavor.

Tomorrow night, each of you will be officially offered the nine beans, and you will decide which ones to eat, while only knowing the colors and not the flavors. For each positive bean you eat, you will gain the number of points applied to each positive bean. For instance, watermelon is worth 9 points. For each negative bean you refuse to eat, you will gain equally. If you reject a vomit bean, you will gain nine points.

The opposite is also true. If you reject a watermelon or eat a vomit, you LOSE nine points. The two immunity winners will be those who gain the most points.

If you receive more than one of the same color, which you almost certainly will, then those beans will be listed in order of which you received them. If you get three vomits between 10 tonight and 5 tomorrow, and then one watermelon after that, then you will get four purples and the only safe one is the fourth.

If you don’t get it, whatever. You will tomorrow after all the beans have been offered. For now, send me (VIA EMAIL!) the nine offerings you’d like to make, and as always, make sure you ask any questions before weirdness comes up.

Happy chomping, Students.