It was another hoppin’ voting period, gang. Did you enjoy it? I know you did! Hopefully it wasn’t for the last time.

Vote One: Blaise Zabini.

Vote Two: Blaise Zabini.

Vote Three: Hermione Granger.

Vote Four: Hermione Granger.

Vote Five: Hermione Granger. “Only one of the 27 people considered for this vote.”

Vote Six: Hermione Granger. “Clever Gir….***is eaten by velociraptors***”

Vote Seven: Luna Lovegood.

Vote Eight: Luna Lovegood.

Vote Nine: Luna Lovegood.

Vote Ten: Luna Lovegood. “Huzzah!!!”

Vote Eleven: Luna Lovegood. “I’m sorry to do this but I’m just not sure I can trust you anymore.”

I promise you, gang, THAT was one of the most effectively quiet blindsides we’ve ever seen.

Eighteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XX: Luna Lovegood

We don’t out real identities anymore, since the jury is in play. Luna will be added to a jury page soon, and thereafter, so will everyone else, save for the finalists.

I have a challenge coming tonight, but figured y’all would want to process this for a few minutes. Plus, having more posts means I can inflate my numbers of page views!

Cheers, Students.