Folks, as we judge these, I’m looking to find out who dropped out, and who just didn’t get this one done.

After some confirmations on people not having the time, we have 17:

Shawn Ashley
Annette Barron
Dean Carlson
Michelle Coulter
Tyler Coulter
Melissa David
Rian Kumlien
Joshua Longman
Jared Mitchell
Matt Novak
Christina Pepper
Jonathon Pope
Shelbi Sarver
Ashton Stansel
erik sunshine
Colin Woolston
Sarah Wreisner

I prefer that people are subscribed to the site so I don’t have to email the heads up each week, but maybe I’ll start doing that again anyway. If you’re on this list and didn’t send a story this week, let me know if you’re still doing this so we can have a reasonable medal count.

Results should be up tonight, after I’m sure how many of you are doing this.