This is the challenge suggested by Ginny, with some changes based on how many people we have left.


What does a well educated owl say? Whom.

This challenge is called How to Train Your Owl.

Hagrid desperately needs your help training the new owls he acquired (don’t ask how,) for the Hogwarts owlery because he doesn’t have the time (don’t ask why,) to do it himself. The goal of this challenge is to get your owl to deliver the most letters. The spreadsheet with the addresses is right here.

1.) There are 5 types of owls each student can choose from: Barn Owl, Snowy Owl, Screech Owl, Barred Owl, or Tawny Owl. Each type of owl has a different number of deliveries it can make in a day. This will be determined by rarity of the owl. If you are the only person to take your type of owl, it will be able to make seven deliveries. If one other person chooses it, it can make six, and so on down.

2.) Each residence will receive a different amount of letters. In an astonishing coincidence, the number of letters that go to each house is equal to each house number (mail has been backed up for a while, apparently. Most of these are probably coupons to Borgin and Burkes). If more than one owl delivers to any specific residence, the amount of letters each owl gets to deliver to that residence is divided by the number of owls making a delivery. If it doesn’t come out to an equal number, I’ll round down to the nearest number.
2A.) After the first day, you will all see who had which kind of owl, and who delivered where.
2B.) Some of the residences have Eeylop’s Premium Owl Treats on hand. If an owl delivers to any of these residences, it will give them enough energy to be able to make one additional delivery on the following day, but only if they are the only owl to visit. These houses are marked in orange.

3.) There will be two days of deliveries. On the second day, it’s a clean slate and all houses are free to accept deliveries. You will also choose an owl type again.


The first deadline is tonight at 10pm Central. You will send both your owl type and the order of the seven houses to which you’d like to make deliveries. If you are only able to make six or fewer, I’ll simply cut off the ones at the bottom.