Yet again, we had an interesting voting period. CBS Survivor did a double elimination today to steal my thunder, but still, I’m saying we’re the definitive game. Hell yeah, gang!

Vote One: Harry x3. (nonsub votes)

Vote Two: Vincent Crabbe.

Vote Three: Vincent Crabbe.

Vote Four: Vincent Crabbe.

Vote Five: Vincent Crabbe.

Vote Six: Vincent Crabbe. “…and so, our tumultuous time together in this game comes to an end”

Vote Seven: Harry Potter.

Vote Eight: Harry Potter.

Five votes each, and one remains.

Vote Nine: Harry Potter.

Twentieth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XX: Harry Potter

It’s a bit sad to see Harry go, what with his passing importance to the books. On the other hand, I haven’t heard from Harry in days, so I have no idea what’s up here.

Multiple folks among you said that not only Friday, but also Saturday were bad days for us to have a deadline. I fully intend a Sunday deadline, but as far away as that seems, we may have to do a single-submission challenge. Or maybe I’ll stick with the plan…whatever. At any rate, there are a mere eight of you left, and you all deserve hugs.

Cheers, Students.