Remember when I told you guys that there would be no more challenges left with two immunities? Well, I’m going to go back on that, just one time. There will be two in this one.

In this scene, six other wizards are posing as Harry Potter to transport him safely, knowing they’ll be attacked by death eaters. So, the lot of you get to be Harry Potter in this challenge (and since there are eight of you…well, I guess one of you is Mad-Eye Moody or something. He dies in this scene, so we should probably get him some screen time).

The eight of you are flying together in a horizontal formation at the same speed, meaning you’re technically in lanes, like on a track:


Since the Death Eaters are on the outside, they’ll be picking off everyone but those flying in the “4” and “5” positions. You will all be given starting positions, and each of you will be taking a turn where you must trade positions with someone else. You will be giving me the name of a player, not a number, since everyone would just pick 4 or 5. You will all be given your positions privately, so you can choose which information to share and which to keep for yourself.

If someone switches with you, you WILL be told of the switch, but won’t be told what position you are now in. Likewise, if you switch with someone, it will happen, but I will not confirm your new position to you. I will be telling you of switches off of Diplochat, so it isn’t obvious to everyone else who was moved.

The first turn will be taken by the person who chooses to take it. If nobody has taken a turn within two hours of this post, someone will be chosen randomly. Once this happens, the player who takes a turn will also tell me who will take the next turn. So if Neville started, his submission could be “I choose to switch with Hermione. The next turn will be taken by Hannah.” Hermione would be told of the switch, and everyone would be informed that Hannah is now the next to take a turn.

There will initially not be a time limit on moves, as I expect things to move fairly nicely once a move or two is taken (though I also expect the first turn will take a while). If you all prove to be crushingly slow, I’ll probably slap on a four-hour deadline for each turn.

I’m off all day today so I’m hoping to get some moves in. I work the next five after that, and it’s starting to be busy season, but I’ll sneak in when I can.

I’ll get your starting positions out to you now. Cheers, Students.