I so did want to use Cedric’s “Wand Duels” game, but he wrote it for teams and I just knocked it around my head until I finally had to admit defeat and decide it wasn’t going to work for individuals.

Who among you have been here long enough to have played “Knots”? I don’t remember the last time I ran it, even though it was once a fixture here. Let’s HP-ify it now.

The six of you are standing on the Quidditch pitch, about to beat each other down with attack spells. Why the Quidditch pitch? Because the Patronus duel was there too, and it’s just a pretty area. It doesn’t matter why, gang, and I can’t fathom why you asked. Anyway, you each have three hits in this one. If you take three wand strikes, you’re out.

On each turn, you name a student you’d like to attack with a wand strike. No matter how many other students attack this person, they will only take one strike.

HOWEVER, each person gets to defend him or herself from two different people on each turn. If either (or both) of those people attempt to strike you, they will instead be knocked back by a defensive spell and be knocked out of the running for Immunity entirely. ALSO, you cannot defend against someone you’re attacking. You can also attack yourself (and sacrifice a hit) if you’re too afraid that everyone’s defending against you. IF you attack yourself, it will be undone a second time on that turn, assuming any other students attacked it. This is the only way to take two hits in a turn.

When we’re down to four people, play will change in that you can only defend yourself from one person.

When we’re down to two (if we don’t pass through it to one), the person with fewer strikes taken will be Immune.

If we get to two and the remaining players have the same number of knots undone, the last one to take his or her first hit will be immune. If we get down to zero students on a turn, which is possible, nobody will win Immunity and we’ll just head to voting.

This has the potential to go long, but in all my years running it, it never has. We’ll make a move due at 10pm tonight, and go for two tomorrow (at least; if we’re down to just a few people by then, we can probably finish).