This was a good week, gang. Isolation is a favorite story and song element of mine, for whatever reason, so I was hoping for a lot, and we got it. There are still just ten of you this week, but whatever. You’ve been a blast.

Link to results.

Up next is another episode you’ve heard of, even if your introduction to it came from “The Simpsons”:

“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”

Written by Richard Matheson
Directed by Richard Donner
First broadcast Oct. 11, 1963

Future Enterprise Captain William Shatner appeared twice on “The Twilight Zone” – once as a newlywed who becomes too trusting of a fortune-telling machine (“Nick of Time”), and then in this all-time classic by Richard Matheson.

Shatner played an airline passenger just recovered from a nervous breakdown who is convinced he has spotted a bizarre creature tearing apart the plane. It’s a story full of energy anchored by a man desperate to prove to himself that he is not going crazy.

Part of me wants to force you to write a story around the line “There’s something on the wing. Some…thing.” Seems a bit cruel, though.

You will write a story where a single character is aware of impending trouble. That’s all I want to give you, as anything else might steer you too strongly in a specific direction.

Cheers, Prosers.