Final four, welcome to your penultimate challenge. This has been a popular challenge in my Big Brother games, and I’m going to see if the tension works here as well. You have been randomly paired against each other in what’s essentially a game of Russian Roulette with another student, and the winners will face each other for immunity.

In front of you are thirty vials. Three contain poison, six contain a potion mixed with a bezoar (which is an antidote) and twenty-one are run-of-the-mill potions that have no major effect on you for our purposes.

Because I’m so generous, you get to know the starting position of all the vials:
Poison at 7, 17 and 27
Bezoar at 3, 4, 13, 14, 23 and 24
Regulars everywhere else

Here is your spreadsheet. Hannah will be facing Anthony (Hannah has the opening move) and Cho will face Neville (Cho opens). When it’s your turn, you will pick a number to drink – one through thirty. I will not show your opponent the number you picked, but the type of drink you took will be shown by color. If you take a poison, you will be given one chance to drink again, and you must take a bezoar on this turn to survive.

After you take a drink, as long as it’s a regular or bezoar, the drinks behind it will all move up one spot. If you drink #7, then #8 will become #7 and so on. Poisons will not disappear. If all six antidotes are consumed, which has happened before, then the next person to drink a poison will automatically lose the challenge.

I won’t be putting deadlines on moves, but as always, if you fail to move quickly, I may change my mind. Once both of the first-round matches are done, the winners will go for immunity.

I will try to keep you all informed of whose turn it is through your usual means of communication with me, whatever that may be.

Hannah and Cho, I’ll take your first moves anytime. If one game goes much faster than the other, that’s fine. You won’t have to wait on the other game – only your opponent.

Cheers, Students.