Gang, we’ve gotten to the end of the game. We’ve set this up as a very cruel little game that Dumbledore is playing, so we may as well finish with a game sure to end in death, right?

It’s time for The Triwizard Tournament, where each student will face three tasks. Your first task, which is to retrieve a golden egg from a dragon, begins now.

There are four ways to capture the egg you seek:

The Valiant Choice. Popular with house Gryffindor, this is an approach that is daring, brave, and more than a little bit flashy.
The Intelligent Choice. When you’re facing a dragon, using your brain beforehand isn’t a bad idea. Ravenclaw students typically approach life this way.
The Cunning Choice. Win if you can, lose if you must – but always cheat. Slytherin house knows how to get ahead.
The Potato Choice. Hufflepuff is also a house at Hogwarts.

In addition, each of you also have one hundred energy points that you can spend on this challenge or save for later; I will not tell you how they will be used until the new tasks are unveiled.

In your submission, you will give me three things:
*The number of energy points you want to spend on the speed of your task. Zero is an option.
*The approach you want to use to complete the task.
*The approach you think the other two will take to complete the task.


First off, the person who spends the most energy points will get forty Triwizard Tournament points. The person who spends the second most will get thirty-five and the person who spends the least will get thirty. If there’s a two-way tie, you will each get the lower score; that is, if two tie for first, they will get 35 each. If all three tie, you will all get thirty.

Secondly, you will receive a “home field” bonus for completing the task in your house’s fashion. If Neville completes the task in Gryffindor fashion, he will get ten extra Triwizard Tournament points, while Cho and Anthony will receive ten each if they complete it with the Ravenclaw approach. If you approach it in the polar opposite fashion – for Neville this will be Slytherin and for Cho and Anthony this will be Hufflepuff – you will get a bonus of five because while you didn’t honor your house, the judges are impressed with your outside-the-box thinking.

Finally, if you correctly guess the approach of another student, you’ll set up obstacles in their way, because there’s so much cheating in The Goblet of Fire it’s amazing everyone didn’t lose their jobs. Correct guesses will deprive the student in question of ten points, so if you use the “polar opposite” approach to gain five but both other students correctly guess your approach, you will actually net negative fifteen Triwizard Tournament points, to be adjusted after your speed score.

Okay, gang. Ready to taunt some dragons? I know I am. This is due tonight at 9pm Central because I’ve been falling asleep early this past week. Assuming I have the Black Lake part of the challenge ready, I’ll post it at that time.