First off, some results from last night:

Neville Longbottom

Spent 12 for speed (30)
Took the Valiant Choice (+10)
Predicted Cunning Choice for Cho
Predicted Intelligent Choice for Anthony

Cho Chang

Spent 19 for speed (35)
Took the Intelligent Choice (+10)
Predicted The Potato Choice for Anthony
Predicted The Cunning Choice for Neville
Anthony correctly predicts Cho’s approach (-10)

Anthony Goldstein

Spent 20 for speed (40)
Took the Intelligent Choice (+10)
Predicted the Intelligent Choice for Neville
Predicted the Intelligent Choice for Cho
Neville correctly predicts approach (-10)


Neville Longbottom: 40 (88 energy points left)
Anthony Goldstein: 40 (80 energy points left)
Cho Chang: 35 (81 energy points left)

Okay, kids, it’s time for the second task. In the Black Lake, you will find a loved one that has been taken from you: Neville will attempt to save his future wife Hannah Abbott, Cho will look to emancipate her boyfriend Cedric Diggory, and Anthony will be saving…uh…his sister Muffy Goldstein. Naturally, this challenge is all about bribing people to help you, since dude, your loved ones are drowning and shit’s gotten serious.

Energy points are precious here. First, you will offer points for speed, and will get the same 40-35-30 base points that were given in the first challenge.

Secondly, you will use energy points to hobnob with the three present houses at the Yule Ball – Hogwarts, Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy – to try to secure their help with the task. You will give me a number of energy points for each house.

If you spend the most to secure the help of a house, they will help you enough to give you a three-point bonus. If you spend the second most, you’ll be unaffected. If you spend the least on a house, you will offend them and they’ll work against you to the tune of a three-point penalty. Penalties and bonuses stack.

Moreover, certain houses have taken a liking to you. Neville has always been fiercely protected at Hogwarts, so if he wins Hogwarts, he gets an extra three. The Durmstrang Institute is impressed with Cho’s work ethic, so Cho gets three more if he wins Durmstrang. Beauxbatons Academy likes Anthony because he…uh…is a sommelier of fine wines? Anthony will get three more if he wins Beauxbatons.

It was tempting to build a spreadsheet for this one, but the Maze is coming up next, so I refrained. Go jump in a lake, Students. This is due tonight at 10pm Central although I work for another hour after that. If I get the Maze set up tonight, I’ll post tonight.