So coming into this one, scores were:

Neville 40
Anthony 40
Cho 35


And here’s what happened at the Black Lake:

Neville Longbottom

Speed: 6 (40)
Hogwarts: 17 (0)
Durmstrang: 1 (-3)
Beauxbatons: 21 (0)
Score for this round: 37

Cho Chang

Speed: 0 (30)
Hogwarts: 7 (-3)
Durmstrang: 13 (0)
Beauxbatons: 11 (-3)
Score for this round: 24

Anthony Goldstein

Speed: 3 (35)
Hogwarts: 17 (0)
Durmstrang: 15 (+3)
Beauxbatons: 22 (+6)
Score for this round: 44



Anthony Goldstein: 84 (23 energy points left)
Neville Longbottom: 77 (43 energy points left)
Cho Chang: 59 (50 energy points left)

Here’s the deal. I just got off work at 11, and I work again at 7:45 in the morning. I need more dedicated time for this spreadsheet finale, which will have to happen tomorrow night so I can get some half-assed sleep here.

Note on the lack of a Hogwarts bonus above: Anthony and Neville tied at 15 energy apiece for Hogwarts, and since I didn’t set up a tiebreak scenario, I went to each of them and told them that one of their house bids was a tie. They were allowed to add points if they wanted, and if it was tied again, they would be given the lower of the possible scores and the home house bonus would be surrendered. This indeed happened, as both of them added two points.

So there we are. Finale coming soon. Cheers, Students.