Okay, gang. The stress of the season seems to be over, and it’s still a month before the stress of moving kicks in, so let’s get this done.

You are all on an 11×11 grid, just like a spreadsheet with A-K across the top and 1-11 down the left. I will not be posting the board, so you’ll have to keep your own notes. You will give me any outside coordinate to begin; for instance, F1, K6, F11 and A6 would all be allowable starting points. There is no starting point that makes it impossible to reach the end of the maze, which is at F6.

Once you’re placed, I’ll let you know which walls around you are closed. If you were to begin at A9, I would say “There’s a wall between the coordinates of A9 and B9, but you can safely move either up or down.” That’s actually the case, so there’s one free piece of information. Woooooooooo

From there, you can move by messaging or emailing me. You can move one space at a time or you can attempt to move “as far to the right as possible” or whatever, and I’ll let you know where you hit a wall.

Your base score for reaching the center is 60, minus the number of steps it took you to get to the center. You may actually reach zero, in which case you would get zero points or even negative points for reaching the center. You will also have your remaining energy points added to your Triwizard points, so I hope you conserved something.

The four houses have each dropped gift boxes on the field somewhere, which will give you extra points. For your own house’s gift, you will get 15 points. For all others, you will get five. You can gain all four boxes, but ONLY if you get your own first. Once you reach one, you will be given the option of taking it or not.

I think that’s it. I’m off today, though I’ll be spending a couple hours of it in the car. I’ll have my phone at the ready to respond to starting points and moves. Finally, you are not allowed to work together on this one. Comments on the difficulty level are fine. Telling the other person how many points you got in the end is fine. But you cannot say where you started, what you found, or where you found it to the other players. You’ve had plenty of chances to play together, but now you have to play with yourself. Woooooo

Begin when you’re ready, gang, and ask questions before they come up because I’m not giving any mulligans. In case anyone was going to ask, yes, if you double back over previously-traveled spaces, they count again as spaces that you stepped over.

That should be it. Best of fortune, Students.