Ladies and gentleadolescents, we Pottered the hell out of the holiday season, and one student has risen above all in this thing. I’d write a longer opening, but I’m on break from work, and the votes are pretty damn long already, in some cases.

Here are the nine votes.

Under the jump you’ll find my commentary on the end of the game, so don’t click the “read more” thing until you’ve read the vote page.

Wow, gang. That’s it. Daniel “NaginiSlayer420” Caouette has won Spookymilk Survivor after pouring his very soul into it and going crazy with paranoia and tension for quite a while now. This was a strong game in all facets – I think it ranked right up in the top five to ten single seasons we’ve ever seen. Strategically he was brilliant and socially he was very strong. He was also very, very hopeful that I would have to use his dippy “NaginiSlayer420” nickname, and here we are.

Meanwhile, Bernice “The Constant” Nystrom Nicaise was playing an excellent game of her own, in her first (and, if she is to be believed, last) game of Survivor. I told her today that although she doesn’t love this game, it certainly seems to love her. It was very difficult for Bernice to deal with some of the dishonesty that came along with this game, which should surprise none of you that had dealings with her. This really was another top-20 game around here, even if the particular game style is one that took a little getting used to for some of us who had never really seen it before.

This was just a joy as a final. Most of the judges stated that this was Sophie’s Choice. Well, none of them actually said Sophie’s Choice, but I’d like to think they meant it.

We had a lot of good performances in this one. Pete, Tanya, Stacy, Michelle and Bret, for instance (just trust me…he looked real good until Hufflepuff lost one too many before the merge) all had some very fine moments which gave us a hotly-contested game.

I was going to post a picture of Daniel shoving a busket of biscuits in my face right here, but I can’t find the damn thing. Could someone help, please?

Cheers, Survivor. Been not-so-secretly cheering for you a bit.


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