Melissa decided this was the way we were going to go, so that’s your theme. Here’s some flavor text from her:

The Quidditch World Cup! It’s Ireland vs Bulgaria because, like basically all international sports, the U.S. is terrible and didn’t even make a showing. It might be because we don’t have witches anymore. They either got burned at the stake, joined the Mormons, or fled to England because Hogwarts is far superior to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where a fucking Pukwudgie is one of the house mascots.

Everybody is at the game! Harry, Ron, and Hermione are downing the butterbeer and getting a little amorous, and Dobby was, thank god, killed for insurrection.

Suddenly, the Death Mark appears in the sky! Everyone screams and runs, but just about 13 people are left behind by lack of portkeys and because we need everyone to still be there for the sake of the game. Our main characters stay behind to discover that the Death Eaters have killed *gasp* Kelly Wells, the Squib who would be king! Now the good witches and wizards left behind must stop the Death Eaters before they kill again.

Death Eaters (wolves) – Every night, they Avedra Kadevra the shit out of a wizard.
Lucius Malfoy
Bellatrix Lestrange
Voldemort – (KW: Voldemort has the “Imperius Curse” ability. Will use this sometime throughout the day to make his target speak in a manner of his choosing. Voldemort will choose, but I’ll decide if it’s within reason.)

Witches and Wizards (villagers)

Professor Trelawney (seer) — She can’t predict who will win the tournament, but she can kinda sense who is a werewolf by asking the mod.

Harry Potter (student) – He can save himself from lynching ONCE by declaring his role. When he does this, any votes against him will be wiped and no new ones can be cast. It is not possible to fake-claim Harry, and anyone who attempts to do so will be mod-killed.

Lily Potter (angel) — chooses someone to protect that night against Death Eaters. Cannot protect the same person on back-to-back nights.

(KW: There was a Dumbledore role too, but I didn’t want too many claimable roles)

Your players:

Colin Prime

***IT IS DAY***

Seven is a majority. NIGHT will be called at 9pm Central.