Here’s the Royal Rumble spreadsheet. Track it! Catch the fever!

Here’s how it works: There are thirty entrants who enter at random numbers (I use for this and don’t know the order much earlier than you will), and at intervals I’ve pre-determined, one or more people are eliminated. We go until all thirty have entered, and twenty-nine have been eliminated to leave just a single person in the ring. It’s a pro wrestling thing.

You have a cache of 1000 energy points to use throughout the match, no matter when you enter. When it comes time to eliminate someone, everyone currently in the ring will use some of their points (whole integers only) to try to eliminate someone. The person who bids the most points will be successful with his or her elimination, although all spent points will be gone. I’ll keep track of this for you on a spreadsheet, and won’t ask you to keep track yourselves.

If you are in the ring for five eliminations that aren’t you, you’ll get a 100 energy point replenishment (not to exceed 1000 total). If you survive another five eliminations, this will happen again, and so on.

When we get to the final round, all people in the ring will get a 100 point replenishment, save for the ones who just got there and haven’t lost any points, obviously.

If there’s a round where I ask for more than one elimination, then each person is allowed to make as many bids as there are eliminations in that round. If there are two eliminations, then the top two bids will be successful, unless the second-highest bid was by the person who was eliminated with the highest one.

Private email chatter is allowed and expected. Copy me in if you feel like it. I’ll email you when your name is called, so you can check out and ignore the game until you’re in it.

If you nonsub, and people will, you’ll be eliminated instead of the person who was supposed to be eliminated and all points spent that round will be kept in the pool (and not revealed).

So, who’s in?

If you’ve played more than a game or two here, especially this year, you’re potentially in it. If you doubt you qualified and want to know if I entered you, let me know.

The first seven entrants have been notified via email and may now get to eliminating the first two people by tonight.

Happy Rumbling, CdL faithful.