Five writers make for a short read. Medals were 2-2-1.

So, instead of a Twilight Zone episode, we’re going to turn to real life for this one. Tanya had a hell of a time judging, because she went to her doc and saw 16 stories, and they didn’t seem to fit the prompt. So Gilman jumps on the doc (I was at work and never got to see any of this) and says he thinks they’re from a previous season.

Before Gilman can copy and paste the real stories, Tanya thanks him for making the changes and says she’s all good now. Except Gilman didn’t go in and make the changes, and neither did I.

So, your next task is to write a story about a computer, or other device, that does something unexpected. Again, I don’t think this needs any more direction than that, or I’m in danger of leading you too far down a certain path.

We’ll make these due Sunday, January 15th as I’m still moving all month and have too much going on, and I was asked for a long deadline by a couple of people anyway. I’ll try to remember to send a reminder the day before, but I can’t make promises.

Cheers, Prosers.