Here’s the sign up for my weird idea for Werewolf where no one knows anything.

The basics:

Wolves 3 – Will not know who each other are.  Each night they will send in a list of 1/2 or 1/3rd the players remaining (depending on number of wolves), and the highest agreed target will be killed (If list is 5 people, #1 person gets 5 points, #2 gets 4, etc.). If there is a tie, will pick the kill. Also, the wolves can accidentally kill a wolf, and will break any ties. One of the Wolves will be SuperWolf! SuperWolf! gets 1 peek every night to find the other wolves, and if SuperWolf! succeeds, then that other wolf gets to know SuperWolf!’s identity too. But still no talking at night.

Seers (3) – There will be 3 seers.  1 will be a true seer.  1 will be a false seer.  1 will be a 50/50 true/false seer (random chance, each night).  They will also send in lists like the wolves.

Martyrs – There will be 2 martyrs.  They will be like Angels, in that they can save someone.  But they die in that person’s place, revealing that that person was the night kill.  They will also send in lists like the wolves and seers, and I will which of the two dies.  In addition, if anyone role claims martyr, or hints in a way that is strong enough that I deem it to be a reveal, they and the other martyr will mod-killed immediately.  I want this role so that people get to participate in the weirdness here, but at the same time, too many roles to claim is unfair for the wolves.

Make sense?  Any other ideas or thoughts?

Once we get up to 11, we’ll start the next day (so Wednesday, at the earliest), and if we hit 13 we’ll add a third wolf.