Not enough time to write though, apparently, as we received an all-time low four stories. FOUR!

A due date doesn’t have to be a start date, gang. It doesn’t matter when the Super Bowl falls if you’ve got six days leading up to it. Oh well.

Thanks for showing up! We gave two golds and two silvers.

Here’s a TZ episode I haven’t even seen, but now want to:

Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Jack Smight
Originally broadcast February 10, 1961

During Season 2, a budget shortfall led to six episodes being recorded on videotape rather than film to cut costs. While those episodes ended up being more stagebound than most (no exterior or backlot shooting was possible), the claustrophobia of filming strictly on a set greatly aided this small tale of a woman who repeatedly dreams that she walks down a long, dark corridor to the morgue, where she is greeted by a nurse who says, “Room for one more, honey.”

Of course, it’s only a dream, right? But as any “Twilight Zone” fan will tell you, premonitions are meant to be heeded.

Write a story about a long hallway. I want to see where you take us. This will be the final story of the regular season as six of you will then graduate to the playoffs; you will get 1000 words for this one as a season-ending gift. Have fun with them, okay?