One team still didn’t decide which member was going to do which challenge, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to continue waiting for something so small, so we’re going to go ahead and get the POUTINE SLAM going.

These fine folks are doing this challenge:

Annette Barron, Ashton Stansel, Colin Wolfson, Carrie Bard, Amber René Keyster, Michelle Pratt, Michael Deighton, Mike Tomera, Erik Dikken, Zach Schmidt, Christopher Dykhoff

Ah, poutine. If you love food and hate food that’s good for you, accept no substitutes. I did some hard research on poutine types (which is to say that I followed one link with a bunch of suggestions) and put together a poutine menu for the eleven of you:

Bon Appetit

Each of you will be consuming five dishes of poutine, in the hopes of eating the largest amount of their Deliciousness Points. The numbers after each dish show their Deliciousness Points, obviously. If you share the dish with anyone, you will be splitting the points equally, with any leftovers being lost (so if two people eat a five-point dish, they’ll each get two points for the dish). So, your submission will just be the five dishes you want to eat.

But wait, there’s more! If you want a better chance of being the only one to go after a dish, you can double-submit it, or more. If you spend two of your five submissions on Chorizo and Queso Fresco, for instance, and three other people all just spend one on it, you get ALL the Deliciousness Points for the dish. If one other person double-submits along with you, just the two of you will split those points. You can even put all five submissions on the same dish, if you really want to be sure it’s yours. Of course, you can still be tied.

At the end of the feast, you will all be given MILES – your ultimate goal in Gods and Mortals – according to your Deliciousness Points consumed.

If you eat the largest number of DP, you get 10 miles.
If you eat the second most, you get 5.
3rd – 5
4th or 5th – 4
6th or 7th – 3
8th or 9th – 2
10th or 11th – 1

(Ties will split the difference. If the 7th and 8th place eaters got the same DP, they’ll each get 2.5 miles)

If you fail to submit by MONDAY NIGHT AT 9PM CENTRAL, you will receive negative three miles. At the end of the two Canada challenges, the team with the smallest number of miles COULD be eliminated (there are three predetermined stops where no team will be eliminated).

Okay, Mortals. Get after those plates. You can talk to any other player with any means available to you. If you want to get me in on conversations, I’m always into that so I can speak more to the game on the post-game podcast.