I’m never sure whether to love or be bothered by the fact that so many of our stronger weeks happen when there’s a vague, wide open prompt. Anyway, this is my way of saying I had a really good time here with the six of you who decided to play with us this week. Although this season was marked by apathy, I really did enjoy a lot of the work done all season by those of you still with us; I look forward to the playoffs even despite the challenges getting people to hang around all season long.

Your final results of the regular season.

Annette will let you know the scoring results when she comments here.

Next week, those who finished in 3rd through 6th place will write. Each judge will give one of each medal. The highest-scoring two will advance to the final four the week after, with any ties being broken by regular-season points.

If you’re writing this week, let’s do this one…

“Walking Distance”
Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Robert Stevens
Originally broadcast Oct. 30, 1959

Gig Young gave a terrific performance as Martin Sloan, a 36-year-old ad man tired of his life, who finds himself transported to the hometown of his boyhood. There he not only basks in the remembered pleasures of carousel rides and chocolate sodas with three scoops, but also encounters himself as a child – and his parents, who understandably question his sanity.

You will write about a character who has the opportunity to deliver a message to his or her younger self. This message can be delivered in any way you like, including in person. I’d suggest that it would be hard to draw me in with a story that’s simply the writing of the letter, but if you can make it pop, I guess I can’t stop you.

Word limit will be 1500. Due Sunday at 8pm next week, and hey, maybe Sunday won’t suck for once, and I can start going to bed later again. Cheers, Prosers.