Here we go, gang. Let me preface this with the unfortunate news that Shawn Ashley couldn’t submit this one. Far be it from her to miss a deadline, but there was an animal rescue involved, so even though I myself killed an animal this week, I understand and respect what happened here. So, two of the other three writers advance.

Many words herein.

Under the jump, I’ll name the semifinalists.

Christina Pepper and Colin Woolston now join Sarah Wreisner and Annette Barron in a semifinal starring a who’s who of the sidebar. The four of you will once again have 1500 words to play with by this Sunday night at 9pm Central, which will almost certainly be extended if any of you ask.

For this challenge, though we aren’t directly referencing a Twilight Zone episode, we will do one of our runners here, which is called The Omega Man. You are writing about a character who believes him or herself to be the last person on the planet. This truth can change throughout the story, if that’s what you want. It would also be acceptable to write a story about how this person became the last person on the planet, and it would be within the prompt’s rules to use other characters in the lead-up to this payoff.

I also want to call out the impressive growth Ash is showing as a writer. We’ve had Ash around here for over a year now, and whatever he’s doing in school, it’s working. Ash, thanks for your dedication and I hope this outlet continues to be a positive one for you.

Cheers, Prosers.