In “Actor, Athlete or Killer,” two players were first paired off, and in live duels, were trying to be the first to correctly state whether the name I gave was that of an actor, athlete or killer. The loser was out of the entire challenge, while the winner would choose the next combatants.

Gary Ridgway -Amber def. Dee
Harry Dean Stanton – Annette def. Ash
Derek Fisher -Bernice def. Shelbi
Frances Gumm -Zach def. Colin
Joel Rifkin -Erin def. Carrie
Thurman Munson -Bernice def. Schapp
Manny Pacquiao -Amber def. Rene
Karrie Webb -Dikken def. Michelle
David Wenham -Joe def. Zach
Bobby Bonilla -Erin def. Amber
Jason Kidd -Stacy def. Melissa
Fred West -Pete def. Rivet
Hersey Hawkins -Dykhoff def. Tomera
Domhnall Gleeson – Erik def. Annette
Dexter Fowler -Joe def. Jake
Aileen Wuornos -Erik def. Chris
Brian Cox -Pete def. Erin
Dylan Klebold -Stacy def. Erik
Fanny Brice -Bernice def. Joe
Shaun White -Pete def. Stacy
Ray Walston -Bernice def. Pete

After this, the team of BeeBer – Shelbi Sarver and Amber Rene Keyster – became the first team to be eliminated due to their lowest mile total.

We then headed to Australia, where one player on each team did the Knifey, Spoony challenge, wherein they are attempting to use their knives to capture the largest number of spoons (but hopefully not their own). The unwieldy results page is right here.

The other teammates are preparing for a timed challenge called The Waltz, where they will be given lists of three things that refer to a single movie, band or other thing in pop culture, and they’ll attempt to figure out their nine things as quickly as possible. Results will go here when all nine are done, and another team may get eliminated.

Cheers, Gods and Mortals!