Waltz Results.

That was a good time. Michelle Pratt suggested the stopwatch idea, and it turned out not to be nearly as difficult to run as I thought it would be. Anyway, Joe n’Paula Rakstad helps Rogue Two to surge upward, Accidental Brilliance retakes the lead, and we bid a fond farewell to The Limey Sheilas (Erin Leslie and Michael Deighton), whose Mini Cooper just plain ran out of gas.



Suddenly, voles!

Awwww, shit, gang. We’ve got the most adorable infestation ever. There are voles all up in our business, and it’s your job to capture them, and use them for whatever companionship or culinary purposes you find suitable.

The goal is to catch as many voles as you can, in however many turns it takes for all voles to be caught. ALL EIGHTEEN of you will be in on this, and the voles will be on this 6×6 board:

Spreadsheets are Life

On each turn, you have some choices:

BOWL THE VOLE. You will give me the number of the vole you want to attempt to catch with the Cool Whip bowl.

GIVE ‘EM THE CLAP. You will clap above a 2×2 section of voles, and all voles in this area will be startled, and will BITE whoever attempts to catch them, so they will lose this turn. If you clap, tell me which four sections are affected. It must be in 2×2 formation.

If you catch a white vole, you get one point. If you catch an orange vole, you get two. If you catch a green vole, you get a whopping four points. However, the green voles have RABIES. If two or more people attempt to bowl a green vole on the same turn, it will bite them and they’ll die instantly (still having earned any points they got before death).

If you get two REGULAR bites – that is, from people giving voles the clap – you are also out.

If two or more people go for the same vole, it isn’t a rabies vole, and there’s no clap involved, the vole will be split equally between the people who went for it. Gross, huh? If you miss a submission deadline, you will get zero points for the challenge, regardless of how many points you earned before you flaked. Your partner can still earn points, however. If we get to a point where only one person or team remains, they will get everything left on the board.

The first deadline will be TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday) at 9pm Central. After that, we’ll do two deadlines a night as needed. I’ve never done this one so I don’t know how long it’ll take.

After final vole counts are…counted…miles will be doled out to teams as follows:

I expect ties, but I guess we’ll see. If I find that we can’t move forward with the challenge because everyone is clapping or whatever, I’ll put a cap on the clap. Let’s all just cross our fingers and hope this isn’t broken, right? Right. Cheers, Racers.