I really liked Bowl the Vole, but it’s probably tough to read and follow for viewers. Anyway, Chloroform Perfume (Colin Wolfson and Melissa David) stormed up the table with the win, and afterward, we lost In and Out of Sobriety (Carrie Bard and Stacy Snell), who are now able to enjoy their drinks again, after a strict diet of no alcohol during the season.

Here are your updated standings for the season.



Let’s keep it simple, gang. Well, not that the last challenge was particularly simple. So, let’s MAKE it simple.

There are sixteen of you sweet cats still in this game, and it’s March, so this beautiful confluence leads us to a bracketed tournament. The sixteen of you have been paired (mostly randomly, with the only exception being that you and your partners can’t possibly meet until the finals) and each of you have 1000 energy points to spend for the entire tournament.

For tonight, you will simply submit the number of points you want to spend to attempt to win your “game” against your first opponent. Full integers only – no halves or anything. Then for the second round, we will do the same, and whatever you spent in the first round is gone. We’ll do this until we have a final winner; at the final four, you submit points against your opponent and then the winner of the finals will be the one who got there with more points left.
If the two of you submit the same number of points, you will be asked to submit *again* to break that tie. You will spend all of your original bid, plus the tiebreaker.

Those who lose in the first round will gain one mile. If you lose in the second round, you get three. Third round, you get six. The runner-up will get ten miles and the winner will get fifteen.

Here are the first round matchups, with the first submission due TONIGHT at 9pm Central:

Melissa David vs. Christopher Dykhoff
LizandMike Tomera vs. Jake TwoSheds Elliott
Zach Schmidt vs. Merry Monstergumby
Annette Barron vs. Pete Bruzek
Eric Schapp vs. Rene’ Pare’
Bernice Nystrom Nicaise vs. Joe n’Paula Rakstad
Ashton Stansel vs. Michelle Pratt
Erik Dikken vs. Colin Wolfson
Nonsubs will surrender all miles. I know that’s harsh, but dudes. It’s just one number I need. Cheers, Racers.