The Dubai World Cup, as with most shady horse races, was marred by double-dealing and subterfuge. Catch the fever!

When the dust cleared, Rogue Two (Joe Rakstad and Mike Tomera) still had the fewest points, and were…not eliminated, as this was the second of three non-elimination stages.

Here’s the updated table. Rogue Two hangs on by a thread, with the Macho Brochachoes not far ahead.


A lot of you play these games to forget about your jobs, so the only way to bring this full circle is to force you to think about other ones. We’re heading to Greenland, gang, and the only way to earn your ticket to the next stop is to pull up your sleeves and do some damn work around here.
There are ten fields for you to go into, which will give you the following rates per hour:

Social og sundhed $10.00
Industri og handvaerk $12.50
Undervisning $17.00
Informations-mationsteknologi $9.50
Kontor og okonomi $19.00
Ingenior og teknik $11.00
Salg og kommunikation $8.00
Ledelse og personele $10.50
Akademisk arbejde $8.50
Tolkning og sprog $21.00

What do they mean?! A few of them are obvious enough, but I didn’t bother to look at the rest. It’s even possible that I gave “Tolkning og sprog” the highest total just because I think it sounds funniest.

Each of you will tell me what jobs you’ll be doing, and when. Here’s your spreadsheet.

As you can see there, you’ll be working a fifteen hour day, starting with the 9am hour and finishing with the 11pm to midnight hour. You can do as many or as few of the jobs as you want. Your submission could be something along the lines of this:

Undervisning from 9am to noon
Kontor og okonomi from noon to 7pm
Akademisk arbejde from 7pm to the end

You will be paid your hourly rates, EXCEPT you will be splitting money with anyone else who does the same job. If you’re one of two people to do Undervisning in the first two hours, then for those two hours, you will make $8.50 in each hour. If you’re the only one for the 11am-noon hour, you’ll get the full $17 for that hour.
Easy enough? Sorta? Go out there and make some money. Your combined dollars will be your final score.

Two more little things:
*If there are inexact splits, I’ll round each person to the nearest cent, whether up or down.
*One of you is a better earner than the other, due to a higher work ethic or some such nonsense. The higher earner will make him or herself known to me upon submitting, and their money intake will be taken times one point two. So, if you’re more confident about one person than the other, load ’em up with the bonus.

Submissions are due TOMORROW (Friday) night at 9pm Central. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, so get your work on before you get your drink on, and maybe I’ll remember to take us to Ireland for the next challenge.

Miles will be 15-10-7-5-3-2-1