Welcome, potential prosers to… Wait, wait! Hear me out. Don’t just look at who authored the post and leave. Especially because I’m only partially responsible for this. The other half is everyone’s favorite Colin (I assume I don’t need to specify, but let’s just say it’s not Wolfson).

So here’s the pitch… PWTP gives us all sorts of amazing writing challenges, but one type of challenge that it hasn’t given us is group challenges. Sometimes people hate group challenges, but sometimes people love them (I should have led with the loving part, right?). We’ve seen them in Spookymilk Survivor before (for example here and here). Much like regular PWTP, the difficulty and length of submissions will change from time to time. Probably a little bit more so here. Sometimes the submissions will be pretty minimal (think “20 Questions” if you’ve seen that played here before), and sometimes they’ll be about a regular PWTP length. We’ll never ask too much of any one player – that’s the point of groups, right?

Every week you’d get a new group, decided randomly, and everyone in that group would be trusted to participate. Scoring might need to be adjusted slightly, depending on the nature of any particular challenge, but for the most part I think we’d try to just give a group score. Sometimes we’d have big groups, sometimes small groups. Ultimately, the more often your team does well, the better you as an individual will do in the rankings. After the regular season the top half of players would enter the playoffs, and we’d still use group challenges to whittle it down to a final 2. Those 2 would then draft a team from the eliminated players to complete the final challenge.

In order for this to work, we’d probably need at least 15 players. So sign up today!