For this challenge, writers were tasked to write a story that could believably appear on the Twilight Zone. A writer’s family obligations pushed this one back a couple of weeks, and then a death in my family pushed it another. Well, the way this season went, it’s hard to argue that this shouldn’t have happened at the end.

Here are your final results.

It wasn’t the awesomeness of last week, but what an enjoyable season it was. I figured at some point Annette would carve out a space on this particular section of the sidebar, and after a dominating regular season performance, she’s blazed through the playoffs to do just that.

The next writing thing around here will probably be a writing Survivor season, and at that, perhaps another Turbo. I enjoyed having Gilman and Tanya on hand this season, though it sure seemed like the three of us have schedules that don’t like each other very much.

As always, ideas for other themes are always appreciated, and if anyone is absolutely aching to get right back in there, that can perhaps happen, but in the wake of all my family obligations that have arisen as well as a complicated time at work where my department is without a leader and my schedule is less predictable than it even is normally, I wouldn’t be able to run it, though I would almost certainly write.

Cheers, Prosers, and thanks for another good time.