I haven’t been in any rush to put Gods & Mortals updates here, because these posts are getting very little traffic. We’ve been to Ireland and Greenland, and we have five teams left. If you want the full update and can’t find it elsewhere, at this point I should direct you to the Facebook group.

As for what I have coming, I’m throwing you all a curveball here. I want to try an entire season of proposition bets, be they on baseball, other sports, or even award shows and the like. Or, if desired, I could do the entire thing with baseball, since there are certainly enough games to use. This Survivor will be built with speed in mind – we would eliminate two people a week as we move fairly quickly toward a finish. If it’s entirely a baseball season, I may keep it to those at my baseball site, if there are enough dudes and Pepper who want to participate.

Some won’t be into this, but given the fact that I won’t be on the hook to create intricate challenges, I’ll be free to run some Werewolf games for the weary.

I do still like the idea of a Survivor season (or Big Brother season) built by the players. As in, everyone who wants to play the season brings in a favorite challenge from seasons past.

I also love Turbo Writing Survivor, and would like to run a third one soon. Above all, I want all three of these seasons to primarily run here (the baseball and Turbo Writing ones for sure) and during that time I’ll have no real presence over at the Facebook group.

Okay, gang. Back to running challenges. Drop your thoughts, if you have them.