And also, what style?

Chime in on whether you want me to run a Survivor or Big Brother season, now that we’re one challenge away from finishing Gods & Mortals 2.

Also, talk to me about the many different seasons I could run:

“The Gamble.” It’s entirely based on proposition bets. That day’s sports events, maybe deaths on TV shows, award shows that might happen, you name it (and really, you name it. I would certainly take suggestions).

“Classic.” A variety of challenges from 20 Questions to Marco Polo Sasquatch.

“All Winners.” I’ve long considered doing one of these.

I’m sure there are ideas I’ve forgotten as well.

I’d like to keep my next season to CdL regulars, but will only do so if we have the people. I would definitely be open to another influx of new players, if you guys want to bring me some.