We’re about a week in. I meant to update before this, but I didn’t. ANYWAY…

Tribes were chosen at random. They are below the jump, along with the first results, first elimination and second ongoing results:


Marcus Deshner
Mike Hebranko
Bret Highum
Stephanie Katz
Christopher Olson
Eric Schapp
David C. Wilson


Annette Barron
Geoff Beckstrom
Christopher Dykhoff
Jake Elliott
Jeff Gahgan
Ashton Stansel
Jesse Vance


Carrie Bard
Pete Bruzek
Melissa David
Erik Dikken
Brooks Maki
Mike Rivet
Colin Wolfson

The first challenge was Cinco de Beisbol, where the tribes were tasked with predicting the finishes of the fifteen games on Cinco de Mayo. The tiebreaker, which came into play, was to be the tribe that was closer to the day’s total number of runs. Here are those results.

Intentional Balk lost, and the vote followed:

Vote One: Ashton Stansel.
Vote Two: Jeff Gahgan.
Vote Three: Jeff.
Vote Four: Jeff.
Vote Five: Jeff. “We hardly knew ye.”
Vote Six: Jeff. “I vote for Jeff with a J.”
Vote Seven: Jeff. “Never go to war with a sicilian when death is on the line and never pick the white sox when elimination is on the line.”
Well, that’s a bummer. Jeff was very interested in baseball as a backdrop for this game, but here we are.

With the first boot out of the way, we got to the current challenge, All Your Base are Belong to Me.

Get ready to slug, friends. For this challenge, each of you will pick two players for the games of Monday and Tuesday. Balkers, you’ll have two people pick three. The two teams that amass the highest number of Total Bases will be immune.

Total Bases is a stat that favors heavy hitters. You get four for a home run, three for a triple, two for a double and one for a single. No other outcome adds to this total.

You’ll note that about half the teams play twice in this two-day period. I expect most will be pulled from this group, though there may be some tempting picks for the Tuesday-only players.

That’s it. You must have your picks in before Monday’s games start to be official. Any nonsub will get negative four points for the tribe, and will self-vote if the tribe loses.

If there are ties, all tied teams at the bottom will vote. So hey, maybe a triple elimination! Could be fun. Cheers, Survivors.

Games of 5/8 are in the books. To track this challenge, you can go here.

Cheers! And hey, play Werewolf with us.