It’s pretty simple, frankly.

There are eleven players:

Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate

Eleven is tough. Three wolves seems excessive, and two seems too difficult for the wolves. So we’re going to make three wolves, but also give the village both a seer and an angel.

The wolves will have a seer as well.

Marzipan. Seer. She does tend to come off as the most intelligent of the gang.

Homestar Runner. Angel. He’s just so damned good-hearted.

Strong Bad. Evil Seer. But let’s face it – he’s not TOO evil. This flavor text will hopefully be as playful as the series. The other wolves will be Strong Mad and The Cheat, but they won’t really figure in to powers.

Okay, gang. First day will open at 9am Central and finish at…9pm Central. For the life of me I can never remember our usual. If this is a pain in the ass for anyone, say so now.

I do know that some of you are totally gone for the weekend. For this reason, we’ll probably stop play on Saturday and Sunday. However, I’m open to a single “day” played out on the weekend depending on availability.

Roles will be emailed in the next hour or so. Wolves will be able to talk all night, and BOTH seers will have a night zero peek.