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Homestar donned his detective cap and scanned the room. Was it The Poopsmith? Was it Bubs? Certainly, Coach Z had a kind of evil flashing in his eye.

“We all know why we’re here,” Homestar said. “We need to find out WHO! The werewolves are in this gaaaaame of Werewoooooolf.”

“Homestar, we literally just finished the game of Werewolf. It was me, Strong Mad and The Cheat,” Strong Bad said.

“Oh, I’m PWETTY sure I’d remember something like that,” Homestar said. “I VOTE FOR SENOR CARDGAGE!”

“Senor Cardgage isn’t even friggin here!” Strong Bad said. “And yet you voted for him every single day.”

“That’s just a Werewolf would WANT me to think!” Homestar said, pounding his…fist, or whatever, since he doesn’t have visible arms. “I accuse STRONG BAD of being…A WEREWOLF!”

“Homestar, he was a Werewolf. The game is over,” Marzipan sighed.

“So you admit I’m on the wight twack!”

It was clear to all in the room that they were about to start their twelfth game of Werewolf that day, in the hopes of getting it out of Homestar’s system.

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