Holy shamoles. For the second challenge in a row, we have the same narrative: Billy Beaners win comfortably, and late heroics push Moistest Alou ahead of Intentional Balk.

Here they are.


Vote One: Jesse Vance.

Vote Two: Jesse Vance.

Vote Three: Christopher Dykhoff.

Vote Four: Jesse Vance.

Vote Five: Jesse Vance.

Vote Six: Jesse Vance. “I vote for Jesse – but I don’t like it.”

Cripes, gang, if we’re wiling to pitch the guy who wanted to win the money for his blind dog, this is gonna get a bit cutthroat.

Always a pleasure, Jesse. We’ll cross paths again soon.

As for the new challenge, I’ll post sometime tomorrow. It takes a good deal of setup, and much of my day was spent writing for the new show, followed by the damned podcast that I do.



Okay, gang. This one should be a good time. Or maybe annoying, if your team gets smoked. Let’s hope against that.

Use this.

You’re going to fill a 5×5 bingo card with 25 of the outcomes on the list. All 25 must be different; for simplicity’s sake I’m going to have you give me NUMBERS when you submit. When someone submits the board (and this one can all be submitted by one person), they’ll just do this:


…or the like, for all five rows. The outcomes are equal in points to their first digit; 1, 2, 3 or 6.

You will ALSO choose one team that plays on Mother’s Day, which is typically all of them. When your team or an individual on your team succeeds in the outcome listed, this block will be colored in. You get points only when you score a bingo, and the points are equal to the estimated difficulty of the outcome. If you were to get a bingo with the above five numbers, it would be worth 13 points. However, if you also have the 6-pointer in ANOTHER bingo, you get the six points again.

Let me clarify hits and the like: you can use “team: 3 hits” and also “team: 4 hits” and so on, and will get credit for all hit totals reached.

Clear as mud? Cool. It’s not so tough. Get bingos, get money. That’s it, guys. If you have questions, bother me early and often. I’m giving a lot of time for this one partially because I think it’ll take some time to work through together, and partially because we have multiple players gone for Mother’s Day weekend.
Cheers, Survivors.