Homestar was on the verge of uncovering a huge conspiracy, and he knew it. “I’ve questioned Mr. Shmallow, Tim Duncan, and a bag of four grapes, and all answers point to the same thing.”

“Those are…my grapes, Homestar,” Strong Sad sighed.

“What? Was somebody talking?”

“No,” said everyone but Strong Sad.

“After careful deliberation, I have chosen to point a finger at…THE KING OF TOOOOWN!”

“Sorry, Homestar. I was night-killed! Time to feast, since I’m home from the island” The King of Town said, chewing on a leg of something or other.

“THAT’S MYYYY LEG!” Strong Mad screamed from the corner of eliminated people, and hurled The King of Town across the room.

Homestar looked at the suspects: Strong Bad. Coach Z. Bubs. Strong Bad. Pom Pom. Strong Bad. Dripping Yellow Madness. Strong Bad. Something was standing out to him, but what?

beezypoof (Day One, villager (The Poopsmith), had shit to do)
daneekasghost (Night One, seer (Marzipan), organizing a bake sale)
Colin Prime (Day Two, wolf (The Cheat), Meh meh meh meh)
todahshy (Night Two, villager (Homsar), SB is out of patience)
The Dread Pirate (Day Three, wolf (Strong Mad), pissed at Trogdor)
ash10101 (Night Three, villager (King of Town), thought it was Survivor)

Three’s a majority. If we finish day four early and a villager is killed, we’ll do the deciding day today as well.