A CdL story came up organically in conversation today – specifically, a season VII(?) piece from David Larson about Schrodinger’s Cat – and I realized how much I need to drop a writing season in here before getting the next Big Brother game ready.

I’m open to both types of writing Survivor – Turbo or regular. Let me know.

I love new blood, as you know, but will roll with the usual gang of idiots if that’s what we’ve got. As always, if you know someone who likes either writing, scheming or both, let them know.

Would cap the season around 24 people, if I get it. I’ll be looking for two other judges (or just one, if everyone is leaning toward playing over judging); let me know if you’re into it, and I’ll see what’s what. Deference will be given to past judges that have been quick to get the judging done, or to potential judges that have never nonsubbed in a game.

Season XXI, playing out on Facebook, is down to four and will be wrapped in a week to ten days. This will start within the couple of weeks after that.

For now, this will be the only place I put out the call for players. I’ll cast a wider net if need be.

It’s probably dumb to put out my first call on a Saturday night, but whatever. We like to keep things inefficient around here.

Also, nibbish will soon be helping me revive Cutthroat Junction, with monthly(?) games happening here. More on that soon, I hope. If you have particular favorite challenges – either from Cutthroat Junction or the big games – that you love to play, say so. Fall, Caesar will happen sometime this calendar year, but the rest is wide open. Cheers, gang.