First and foremost, welcome Brendan Bonham to the judging booth. Assuming he’s fairly quick with results, we’ll be rolling with the three of us for the rest of the season.

Second and secondmost, let’s get to an elimination. T3AM will open up the corpse-pile this season:

Vote One: Laurel Ogren. (nonsub vote)

Vote Two: Laurel.

Vote Three: Laurel. “We had a good run.”

Vote Four: Laurel. “We hardly knew you!”

Vote Five: Laurel. “She really trashed talked Matt Novak on the first day out of nowhere (seriously, did not back up her distaste for him whatsoever), so that rubbed me the wrong way. Then she was really quiet. So quiet she didn’t even submit.”

Vote Six: Laurel. “My vot3 is for Laur3l. W3 hardly kn3w ya.”

First Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XXII: Laurel Ogren

Well, we’ll always have that one time you joined the game via a comment on the page.

Third and tertiary-most, let’s get to the new challenge, called Rotten Apple.

In this story, the presence of one character wildly changes the course of the narrative for all others. There’s an expected outcome, in some way, but this individual changes everything. That’s as much as I want to give you; as you know, we’re pretty laid back about the prompt’s parameters.

This story will be due Thursday night at 9pm Central. I have every intention of having judging out to you by late that night or sometime Friday because I have a wedding to attend somewhere in rural Illinois on Saturday. It’s going to be a redneck wedding, so hopefully I survive a night of drunks with permits to carry. Cheers, Survivors.