This was a good start, Survivors, aside from the one non-submission. Matthew and I ended up giving medals to almost the exact same stories, although only one Survivor took home a double-gold. Two stories were disqualified for going well past the word count, which I mention in the comments after the stories in question.

Link to the Google Doc results.

As far as submissions go, here’s how things would’ve looked without the non-submitter in there from an average score per person:

Willy: 8-2-0-0-0-0 = 10/6 = 1.80
Kahn’s Sore Blueberries: 6-2-8-10-3-0 = 29/6 = 4.83
T3AM: 1-0-0-6-8 = 15/5 = 3.00

Any submission by the lone non-submitter would have saved T3AM from the vote, but unfortunately we never heard from Laurel Ogren. Laurel’s vote is automatically cast for herself, while the rest of T3AM has until tonight at 9pm Central to cast a vote. Any votes not cast will result in a self-vote. Once I have all the votes, I’ll post the elimination along with the new prompt.

Not that it comes up much during a non-sub vote most of the time, but if you make a comment along with your vote, I’ll post the comment (anonymously). Also, votes are changeable as long as I have not yet received all votes. Once the deadline passes or all votes have been received – whichever comes first – they’re locked.

Cheers, Survivors.